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Our team at SONNE is composed by experts in eight work fronts: strategy, management, marketing, design, knowledge, innovation, journey and experience. Among them, the  most vital for any company is strategy, which aligned with the other fundamental pillars of the ABOVE ALL© concept, brings prosperous results.

We have developed an exclusive methodology so that our Independent Consultants can manage all their projects through a single software, MACHEN, following all the steps for a successful strategic planning.


We act in an agile and systemic way by means of a proprietary concept and methodology called ABOVE ALL©, graphically demonstrated on the side. This allows our customers to centralize their decisions for all strategic fronts in a single trusted contract, without any conflict of interest.




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    myths, truths, and paradigms about your company or your industry.



    clear strategic moves and anticipate the future.



    non-linear theses regarding the past and the present.



    future scenarios and apply judgment amidst the uncertainty and intrinsic complexity of any strategic planning.



    independently and without conflicts of interest.



    reflections in a systemic, extrapolated, and unbiased approach.



    In this SONNE training course for Business Consultants, you will learn all the concepts, methodologies and tools necessary to perform strategic planning consultancy for clients of any size and industry, based on the proprietary ABOVE ALL© concept created by SONNE’s CEO, Max Bavaresco.

    During your studies, you will receive exclusive content and will be able to develop your technical and behavioral skills focused on a strategic work of excellence. At the end of this course, you will be able to actively take part in the entire advisory and executive process of each of your clients’ projects, working collaboratively and fostering the sustainability of an ecosystem in constant evolution.

    Be part of our exclusive group of Business Consultants and encourage your clients to leave their comfort zone and enter a zone of transformation, achieving amazing numbers!

    Recorded and live classes, exclusive content, learning activities, discussion forums, case studies, and exclusive mentoring with Maximiliano Bavaresco, SONNE’s CEO.



    In this module, you will learn about the ABOVE ALL© concept and our methodology, get to know the main tools used by Independent Consultants, and receive all the information you need to start your studies.


    In this module, you will learn how to prepare for the kick-off meeting, do research, gather and analyze information for the kick-off, and learn in detail about the entire ABOVE ALL© concept to fulfill every step of executing the methodology successfully.

    The contents covered are directly related to the sequence of client meetings and involve discussions about kick-off, Industry and Trends, Competitors, Company, and the Five structures.


    In this module, you will learn how to build and analyze SWOT, support the client in reflecting on the company’s vocation, history and legacy, its assets, business model, value proposition, market positioning, brand identity, and its archetypes. You will also be able to review the SWOT, strategic guidelines, and prepare the first version of the company’s strategic statement.


    In this module, a final review of the content covered throughout the course and other activities will take place.


    Approval in the course is associated with 80% use of the content and 100% completion of all activities.


    300 HOURS


    How does the training for SONNE Business Consultants work?

    The training is conducted through a platform and is organized in modules, with live and recorded classes. 

    Besides the initial online TRAINING, the LICENSEE may, at its discretion, organize new recycling and development modules (DEVELOPMENT) for the Independent Consultant in an online format and on dates to be previously determined and communicated, at least 15 days in advance. No in-person training is planned at the moment.

    How can the SONNE Business Consultant use the SONNE brand?

    The Business Consultant must use the SONNE brand only in situations related to the licensing with the company in which the work is carried out, but never on tax documents, business reason/name in contracts and other documents that do not integrate the repertoire specified in the licensing agreement. 

    It is expressly forbidden for the SONNE Business conultant to use the SONNE BRAND or logo in its corporate name, trade name, invoices, tax forms or documents of any nature. These documents should only  contain the consultant’s and respective company’s information. 

    How can the Business Consultant make use of the SONNE brand to promote its services?

    The use of the SONNE brand by the business consultant in posts and advertisements on social networks, online and offline, such as a-mail marketing, printed material, invitations, brochures, leaflets, circular, direct mail or in any other materials not provided or developed by SONNE, even if its for local advertising, will depend on prior and express approval and autorization by SONNE. 

    The Business Consultant may present content of his own authorship, and/or participate in contents, sharing with the LICENSEE the authorship? 

    Yes, the Independent Consultant may submit content of his or her own authorship, without SONNE’s seal, as long as it does not compete with SONNE’s assets.

    In the case of concepts, methodologies, business tools, brands, and so on, the SONNE concepts should be followed with the application of the expertise and judgment of each Business Consultant with their clients. Co-authored content is not foreseen in this contract, and shall be subject to review on a case-by-case basis.

    What are the benefits of being part of the SONNE ecosystem as an Business Consultant?

    As a way to optimize the LICENSOR’s results, the quality, productivity and efficiency of the services provided by the business consultant in his/her company based on the SYSTEM and through the PLATFORM, the LICENSOR will offer an ecosystem of software, SaaS platfomrs and technological solutions generated by the SYSTEM for SONNE’s administraion, for management of operations, market intelligence, fundraising, development, evaluation, assessments, online services, file and data storage, communication, relationship, among others, being from the outset the business consultant aware and in agreement that the products and services of its current suppliers may be changed at any time at the sole discretion of the LICENSOR, being certain that any and all expenses arising from this technological structure are the responsibility of the LICENSOR.

    What is the start date and period of the training? What is the total duration?

    Training, development, and mentoring will be cyclical and recurrent, taking into account the capacity of the business consultants and their collective and individual needs.

    The lessons will be carried out through live and recorded classes, on a learning management system.

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